Rules in your own language


This section lists the articles per football . The exact same order of the NCAA football rulebook is used. Ruletool provides the following features:

  • Click the references to other articles. This improves the browsing through the rulebook.
  • Start the video which (usually) demonstrates the foul.
  • Point your mouse over a bold word. You’ll see the official definition of this word (as usually included in rulebook chapter 2)
  • Click the orange penalty button. You see the official penalty statement, but this allows you to learn the penalties yourself
  • Click A.R. to check the corresponding Approved Rulings
  • Click ‘Info’ to see useful further information related to a rule
  • Click the rule article to see all videos and the official (referee) signals related to a penalty
  • To discuss rules (for example) on social media, mouseover the rule article number and click
    • Icon to copy link to copy a link to the rule article to your computer’s clipboard.
    • Copy full text to clipboard to copy the full article text to your computer’s clipboard.

Feel free to also study the rules per topic (e.g. football play situation)