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How To Choose A Good Addiction Therapist

There are two popular means of finding a good addiction therapist near you. You can do research online on the professional close to your area or opt for one who comes highly recommended by friends and family. Both ways are legitimate in finding the best addiction therapist for people who need their services. After finding a professional you think is good for the job, use the tips shared in this article to determine whether they are credible, competent and a perfect fit for you. To begin with, ask for credentials of the addiction therapist. Ensure they have the relevant degree of the particular discipline you are interested in.

The service provider you choose should be licensed by the right authorities and it should be up to date and properly written on their professional website. Do not lose hope if the first time you do not get the right professional to assist you with your addiction. Also, communicate to the professional what you think they are not doing right and whether they can customize their services to suit what you need. The second aspect to consider when choosing a counselor, psychologist or a therapist is their expertise in the area of addiction. This can be a difficult process because there is no standard way to determine the experts in addiction.

The third factor to consider when choosing an addiction therapist is their reviews on the internet. There are good therapists who do not have reviews on the internet, may be because they have zero online presence or its not morally right for them to ask for reviews from their clients. A single review can affect a professional’s listing a great deal, so look at all the comments online to be fair. Go through the expert’s site and any other site where their work may be listed to see whether they provide the best treatment when it comes to addiction. You need to know whether the professional is aware of the latest evidence-based treatment options available in the market.

Get to know the kind of approach used by the professional when treating patients. Make sure you have a conversation with the therapist via the phone to gauge whether there is some sort of connection between you two. These may be a feeling of assurance or the first bond, but either way feeling safe and secure around your therapist is vital. It is totally appropriate to say you are looking for a therapist and you would love to speak to them via the phone to ask questions or inform them what you are going through and see whether it is logic to book an appointment. This will also help the therapist determine whether they are in a position to help you, and if not refer you to an expert who specializes in that field.

Book an appointment after the phone call to meet the professional face to face and determine whether you first instinct was accurate. Also, it is a good idea to meet the addiction therapist once or twice before committing yourself to their services and also as you come up with a treatment plan.

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